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Project presentation

The presentation of the student’s project should demonstrate the level of his theoretical knowledge, the ability of critical analysis of the problem, the ability to creatively and independently use the existing methods of collecting and processing information, independently find and justify new original solutions that have practical significance.

Topics of project presentations:

  1. Pharmaceutical Quality System (ICH);
  2. Good engineering practice (GEP);
  3. Technologies:
    • technology of sterile production,
    • technology of production of biological medicinal products for human use,
    • technology production of radiopharmaceuticals,
    • technology of production of medicinal products for veterinary medicine, except for immunological,
    • technology of production of immunologicals,
    • technology of production of medical gases,
    • technology of production of medicinal products from vegetable raw materials,
    • technology of production of liquids, creams and ointments,
    • production technology of hermetic metered aerosols for inhalation,
    • technology production of drugs obtained from human blood or human plasma
  4. Good laboratory practice in the GMP environment (GLP);
  5. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP);
  6. Good Regulatory Practices (GRP);
  7. Appropriate distribution practice (GRP);
  8. Good Pharmacopoeia Practice (GPhP)

The maximum scope of presentation of the project should be 20 slides in Power Point format.

The presentation of the project should consist of:

  • title page;
  • project plan or content page with the page numbers of each section / part;
  • introduction (justification of the choice of the topic, relevance, the purpose and objectives of the project);
  • the main part of the project with necessary references to the sources used by the author, research and analytical materials, tables, diagrams, graphs, drawings, diagrams, presentation of his own view on the project topic, etc .;
  • conclusions;

Pages should be numbered with Arabic numerals, observing the end-to-end numbering throughout the presentation. At the same time, the title page should not be numbered although it is part of the scope of work.

The project presentation is submitted to the competition online.

Presentation that do not match with the requirements or downloaded from the Internet will not be accepted.

Evaluation criteria

The relevance of the project (among the researches with similar topic); originality of the material of the presentation; the author’s position, the independence of judgments.

Disclosure of the research problem
A clear assessment of the current state of the problem study ; correctly and clearly formulated goals and objectives of the project; An analysis of the existing methods of solving the problem with an indication of their positive and negative points has been carried out.

Quality of the research and the significance of the results
The developed models, methods and approaches to solving the research problem are described, the methods and means of solving the problems are reflected; all stages of the experiment are fully described; conclusions on the analytical, numerical or experimental results of the work performed are clearly correlated with the objectives and purpose of the project; availability of recommendations for the practical implementation of the results, possible applications; availability of published scientific articles (reviews), abstracts, speeches with a report at scientific and practical seminars and conferences.

Literature review
Current sources (at least 40) were used, including foreign researches (mainly over the past 10 years); full coverage of available literature sources on the issue.

Compliance with design requirements
Correct design of the presentation of the project, references design; literacy; possession of the terminology and conceptual apparatus of the problem; compliance with the requirements to the scope of presentation; a decent visualization.